The Single Shot Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Club of Great Britain was conceived during the early months of 2001 and was finally born on 24th November 2001, not far from the spot where that first spark of an idea was fanned into life.

It all happened as a result of like-minded men 'shooting the breeze' at Bisley one day. Talk centred around their love of big, single-shot black powder cartridge rifles of the American era prior to 1896. Typically, for most riflemen, the 1874 Sharps, the Remington Rolling Block and Springfield Trapdoor will spring to mind.

It was felt that there was a general lack of opportunity and incentive for the BPCR shooter to practice and if inclined, to enter into friendly competition with other shooters who share the same passion for these types of rifles. At the medium and longer ranges, these rifles are capable of remarkable accuracy. Even the .45-70, more correctly known as the .45 - 2 1/10 , is capable of holding the black at 1000 yards when loaded correctly. Any BPCR calibre will definitely give 1 MOA (minute of angle) groups at 100m or even further with the right load (and the right shooter!).

Ideas for practices and friendly competitions have been designed to bring out the best in these rifles and their owners, while at the same time injecting a bit of fun and variety in the targets. There must be many BPCR owners out there, who are content to simply go to their local range and go "BANG", usually at quite short ranges. This club is intended to add a bit of excitement to that routine and open up the opportunities a little.

So come and wander through this site - you may like what you see.