Current membership fees are £25.00 with a one off £5.00 joining fee. If not a member of the National Rifle Association you will also have to pay an annual capitation fee of £8.25 (2015) to shoot at Bisley.  The Club, however, actively encourages all members to join the NRA and support the future of shooting at Bisley.

The membership year runs from the 1st. January to 31st. December

You've already seen on the other pages the competitions and the calendar of events...........

But what else will you be getting for your money?

  • The Club is affiliated to the NRA and is covered by NRA Basic Club and Association Insurance. The insurance is the standard public liability, details can be reviewed on NRA website.  NB: It does not cover damage to personal equipment.  If you are a member of the NRA your equipment is covered under your NRA member's group insurance...another good reason to become a member of the NRA.
  • Communication is recognised as being very important. As such, you will receive newsletters to keep you in touch. Where possible Email or telephone is used for more immediate information.
  • No butts duty! Except in exceptional circumstances markers will be provided where available. However you may be called upon to help out on the firing line - marking scores or spotting for other shooters.


So if what you've seen so far appeals to you and you want to join us, or if you want more information, then send an E-Mail to the Secretary. Make sure you include a contact phone number as you will be contacted by one of the Officers of the Club for a chat before sending out Membership and Contact details


Please Note - This is not a Home Office Approved Club therefore membership may not be used for acquisition or retention of a Firearms Certificate